Your tongue is a very advanced, flexible muscle. You can pull it far out of your mouth, push it deep into your throat, make it round, make it flat, and make the tip narrow, just to name a few of its amazing functions.

Its functions are too numerous to list here.

Sometimes, it loses strength and flexibility, and it tends to fall into your throat when you sleep. This blocks the airflow and puts pressure on the soft palate and other soft tissues. This causes it to vibrate and make an annoying sound while you sleep.

The simplest thing to try is sleeping on your side rather than your back, with your chin tilted slightly downward. Gravity will pull your tongue forward and prevent snoring.

You can also try to strengthen your tongue by moving it around your mouth throughout the day.

Other options often used are jaw bands and mouth guards that guide the tongue in the right position while you sleep.

If your self-test reveals your tongue is the main cause of your snoring and/or sleep apnea, I’ll tell you about other natural treatment options I find more effective.